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Published 8-22-2018

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Moving into fall, the month of September is ripe for action and fantasy thriller movies, making it the perfect for the transition into horror movies for Halloween!

So ready or not, THE PREDATOR returns from the dark depths of space and they’ve evolved using a collection of genetically upgraded DNA from other species. With the fate of the human race in the hands of a motley crew of former soldiers and a biology professor, can we evolve from being the hunted into the hunters?

A magical adventure based on the children’s classic written, THE HOUSE WITH A CLOCK ON ITS WALLS, by John Bellairs finds its way into pictures in a frighteningly masterful way. Young Lewis is in new surroundings when he goes to live with his uncle, played by Jack Black, in a creepy old house with mysterious ticking noise. Parallels of events unfold further as Lewis accidently awakens the dead and brings back witches and warlocks into the small town.

If the little ones aren’t brave enough to see those thrillers, they will definitely be YETI for the animated movie Smallfoot! Migo, voiced by actor Channing Tatum, disrupts his yeti community village with the news of his discovery of humans. Will they ignore the human in the room or develop a harmonious relationship with mankind?

*PRO TIP* Check your zip code to find local screenings in your area!

Screenings in September:
Life Itself
White Boy Rick
The Nun
A Simple Favor
Hell Fest
The Old Man and the Gun

The Truth about Sweepstakes...

Our team at Gofobo has had the conversation and it’s time you know the truth behind our giveaways...

We just love giving away free stuff! From the popular theater gift cards to the fun prize packs, our sweepstakes are designed to equipped you with merchandise collectibles and experiences so that you can enjoy movies all the time.

For our wizard prospects who are still waiting to receive their Hogwarts acceptance letters, Albus Dumbledore reminds us to not “dwell on dreams.” We can make our wish a reality! In our Harry Potter sweepstakes, the chosen one will recieve Festival Passes to Wizarding World XD Week and find themselves back in the classrooms of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

Current Sweepstakes:

Hotel Transylvania 3
Wizarding World XD Week
Action Point
The Jack Ryan Collection
Marvel Cinematic World Week

Welcome to the New Redesigned Gofobo Homepage!

If you haven’t visited Gofobo’s website recently, you’re missing out on BIG CHANGES that have been rolling out! With a fresh facelift, the homepage will highlight the best of the best of everything you need to check out!

First on the homepage, check out trending movies with Verified Movie Ratings. This handy section will be your guidebook to the top box office movies that are on their way to theaters!

Next, head over to the featured Sweepstakes section nestled in the homepage and start bringing home movie merchandise! It’s our personal picks of our favorite giveaways with the hottest prizes for every movie fanatic.

Of course, the best way to make use of your time online is to also snag some passes to your local screening!