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Work With US

Gofobo provides an array of marketing, promotional and advertising solutions to fit your unique business goals. Our world-class platform allows you to connect with users through a variety of channels on a more active and social level.

World Class Ticketing Platform

Gofobo is a full service online marketing and ticketing platform that provides deeper insights in your users, a variety of marketing tools, while providing a ticketing engine to effectively fill your screening or event. Our powerful platform is powered by ticktBox, which provides a patented ticketing system for all your screening and event needs. In addition, Gofobo provides you access to millions of users from across the country.

Fill a Screening Or Event

With nearly 4 million active members, Gofobo provides a strong audience who are socially engaged and seeking entertainment related content and events. With our ticketing technology, we provide you with avid fans to your promotional event or users that will provide you insights on your product or services for research needs.

Media and Content Advertising

With millions of visitors to our site, we maximize your reach and user engagement. We provide an effective advertising channel outside of your typical advertising outlet, providing users that are seeking your content.

Email Targeting

Reach a larger audience through our hyper targeting email platform. Spread the word of mouth, promote an event, and drive user engagement through our targeted email capabilities.

Newsletter & Blog

Content is KING. Put your message in front of users that are actively seeking your content. Our Newsletter and Blog will provide your content an avenue for cross promotion, while generating word of mouth and social interaction.

Social Platforms

With hundreds and thousands of followers across our social channels, we can provide you a premiere location for your content and events. Garner likes, followers, and the opportunity for your content or event to go viral.

Film Festivals

Film Festivals are the heart and soul of filmmaking. Find and target potential festival moviegoers better and more effectively through In addition, we can provide you with a world class ticketing software for all your ticketing and promotional needs.

Premium Package

Have a unique campaign? Need a customized campaign to promote your event or content? Gofobo provides a variety of marketing and ticketing solutions. Contact our awesome team and we’ll be sure to develop an amazing and creative campaign for you to meet your unique goals.

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