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Published 11-21-2017

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Gofobo, the Movie Elf

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We know you’ve been waiting for because it means Holiday movies! All year, we have been the movie studio’s secret elf and our main role has been transcribing your demands and movie wishlist onto the studios.Trust us when we say we have been listening! So, if you are on our “Nice List,” we can promise everyone that the box office plans to deliver with this month’s lineup!

Bring Festive joy to the theaters with your friends and family. Kids are going to especially enjoy the inspiring animated movie, FERDINAND, where a giant bull’s physical features makes others avoid him despite his gentle nature. Of course, we know that adults can be guilty of wanting to watch loveable Rated-PG movies without the little ones. The true story of THE GREATEST SHOWMAN is our movie recommendation, no matter your age. Inside the imagination of P. T. Barnum, this movie celebrates the magical beginnings of this worldwide performance. Owen Wilson’s FATHER FIGURES and Morgan Freeman’s JUST GETTING STARTED are also funny titles to look out for this month.

**If this list contains I SAW MOMMY KISSING SANTA CLAUS, you are on the naughty list…**

Movie screenings in December:
The Greatest Showman
The Post
All the Money in the World
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
Father Figures
The Shape of Water
Just Getting Started
Molly's Game
Phantom Thread
Wonder Wheel
Pitch Perfect 3
Star Wars: The Last Jedi

On the First Day of Christmas, Gofobo Gave To Me

Meet us at your doorsteps because we are bringing new merchandise to your household this December! Lucky winners of this month’s sweepstakes will be opening up packages to wicked prizes.

You don’t have to be a mercenary to cut open this first package (and we rather you not be!), but you will have to be a media player owner as we are giving away a special copy of DEADPOOL in 4k Ultra HD Blu Rayy! If that isn’t precious enough for you, be sure to put your name in the entry pool for our LORD OF THE RINGS Sweepstakes and put your hands around Lord of the Rings: Trilogy in Blu-Ray before Gollum steals the opportunity from you.

For all of our environmental activists, you’ll be over the moon to hear that we have a sweepstakes for Blu-Ray copies of AN INCONVENIENT SEQUEL: TRUTH TO POWER. With so many sweepstakes, we also have to share our personal favorite: DC's JUSTICE LEAGUE Comic Books (Volume 1-3). You’ll be fully equipped with cool merchandises after Christmas - we promise you that!

Be sure to check back for newly added sweepstakes during the month of December as there may be more to come!

Enter in these current sweepstakes:
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power
Justice League

10 Best Holiday Movies Of All Time

We made a list and checked it twice to give you the Best Holiday Movies ever made.

Home Alone - Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) awakens to an empty house, but things get worse when he has to protect the family home.
The Santa Clause - Scott (Tim Allen) finds himself in Santa’s shoes (literally!) after killing a man in a Santa suit.
Elf - Buddy (Will Ferrell), one of Santa’s elves, travels to New York in search of his real father after feeling he doesn’t fit in at the North Pole.
National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation - Clark Griswold’s (Chevy Chase) perfect Christmas goes chaotic when cousin Eddie and more family comes over unannounced.
Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas - The Grinch (Jim Carrey) plans to steal away Whoville citizens’ presents but loveable Cindy Lou Who begins to instill a Christmas spirit in his heart.
Deck the Halls - New neighbor Danny (Danny DeVito) wages war against Steve to see who can deck their house with the best light show the world has ever seen.
Bad Santa - Willie T. Stokes (Billy Bob Thornton) and Marcus (Tony Cox) disguise themselves as a mall Santa and his elf for their yearly fraud, but they start to reevaluate their life choices after befriending a young boy.
Jingle All the Way - Workaholic Howard Langston (Arnold Schwarzenegger) vowed to get his son the best toy on the market, Turbo-Man, but his promise falls short when the action figure sells out.
Home Alone 2 - Kevin finds himself alone at a NYC hotel during Christmas and circumstances repeat as he has to protect an elderly man’s toy shop from robbers.
Scrooged - Harsh Frank Cross (Bill Murray) encounters a series of ghosts after firing a member of staff on Christmas Eve and is given a chance to realize his mistakes.