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Published 10-20-2017

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Plan Your Next Movie Outing Today

We are heading into the holiday season and there is a movie for every occasion. Whether you go wild with creepy house decorations for Halloween or if you enjoy the togetherness of Thanksgiving, the rest of the year will be bringing the best movie box office.

Finishing October strong, director Tyler Perry brings back a hilarious sequel to his BOO series in TYLER PERRY’S BOO 2! A MADEA HALLOWEEN. This popular Halloween movie ventures into a the scenes of a haunted campground and will surely give your family a good scare and an even better laugh! Another good mystery contender for October is SUBURBICON, starring Matt Damon and Julianne Moore, where a home invasion rattles up a small town. For those obsessed with Diana Prince, PROFESSOR MARSTON AND THE WONDER WOMEN is the true story that inspired Wonder Woman.

In November, you’ll be counting us as one of your blessings because we’ve got advanced screenings to these great movie titles! GOODBYE CHRISTOPHER ROBIN brings back a familiar piece of comfort through this heartfelt story of A.A. Milne’s Winnie the Pooh character. You will also want to unite your family together to see DC Comics’ JUSTICE LEAGUE and Marvel’s THOR: RAGNAROK. With these two movies in November, you will definitely be discussing who is Team DC and Team Marvel over the dinner table. And what better way to signify that the holiday season is here than watching a screening of A BAD MOM’S CHRISTMAS? Of course, with a full 4 weekends in November, you will get a chance to watch all these box office favorites!

Look out for these November releases:

Daddy's Home 2
Murder on the Orient Express
Thor: Ragnarok
Bad Moms Christmas
The Star
Darkest Hour
Justice League
Last Flag Flying
Goodbye Christopher Robin

New Sweepstakes You’ll Want to Enter!

At Gofobo, we like to celebrate Halloween a little differently. Instead of free candy, knock on our front website for a little treat because we are giving away free movie merchandises! These wicked prizes may not fit in your candy bag and we also advise you not to try to eat it, but we promise that it’s not a trick!

This month’s round of sweepstakes will allow you to add a whole variety of movie DVDs to your growing collection. For our comic fans, you won’t want to miss our DEADPOOL in 4k Ultra HD Blu Ray prize! Though he isn’t the conventional hero, this movie is a popular pick amongst our members. On the polar opposite end of the hero spectrum is brave Frodo in THE LORD OF THE RINGS set. And for all the characters in between, DRAWN TOGETHER, television’s first “animated reality show,” throws together eight cartoon archetypes, including a party-hearty superhero, a naive princess prone to singing, and a sexually ambiguous anime hero, in a house where cameras are on them all the time. If you are collector of classic movies, also keep your eyes on the Dreamgirls prize! A handful of winners will get to bring home a Blu-ray copy of DREAMGIRLS and one special grand prize winner will also receive the DREAMGIRLS book signed by author Bill Condon. Of course, we are also celebrating PLANES, TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES as it makes an on-time arrival for its 30th anniversary too!

Remember, you can enter in multiple sweepstakes at a time! So don’t forget to come back for your extra entries and daily bonus.

Enter in these current sweepstakes:

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Dreamgirls - Director’s Cut Edition
Drawn Together Complete Collection
Planes, Trains and Automobiles
Drawn Together

Movie Theater Hacks to Enhance Your Experience

1. Join rewards program.
Most big movie theater chains, like Regal Cinemas and AMC Theatres, have offer point-based loyalty programs. Members can earn free concession size upgrades, free refills, discounted tickets and even free pre-screenings. For those who are regulars at the movie theater, it is a good idea to invest in these reward membership programs. You can also sign up for newsletters and become an email subscriber to still receive some discounts as an alternative option.

2. Go in the morning or early afternoon
Matinee pricing is more cost-effective than evening showings. You may be able to purchase a ticket for less than $10 at certain screenings! In addition to saving money, theaters are often less crowded during this time of day providing you a quieter environment with plenty of seats to choose from.

3. Bring your ID with you.
When purchasing your tickets, you can shave off a few dollars off of the regular adult ticket by bringing an ID card with you. Most theaters have senior and student discounts that also apply towards concessions and snack items, providing that you can show an appropriate identification.

4. The very middle row isn’t always the best seats.
Sit two-thirds of the way back in the center of the row. It’s the sweet spot where you will hear the full effect of the sound and audio. This is also here audio engineers level out the sound, making it the ideal place to sit in the theaters.

5. Buy a large and share.
While each kid may want their own bag of popcorn, it is cheaper to buy the biggest size and split between everyone. This cost-effective trip will give you happy kids in the end.