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Published 9-22-2017

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October Goodies

Winter is coming and the best way to beat this cold weather is to cuddle up to a nice movie. At the start of this holiday season, come to your local theater with your friends, family, significant other (and don’t forget us at Gofobo) to enjoy our movie screenings!

Currently in theaters, September features action packed thrillers that will leave you hanging from the edge of your seat. From the other side of the pond, Kingsman: The Golden Circle properly embraces the strength of the English spies, but American Made shows our British neighbor how we do it in the USA. There is even action for kids in The Lego Ninjago Movie. With great list of movies for September, go see them in theaters now! We recommend bringing a student ID or clearing your weekday mornings to receive discounts or matinee pricing on your admission ticket. (Contact your local theater for more information)

If you want to impress your friends or your date, mention these October movies releases in your conversation! Number one on our list is the highly anticipated thriller Blade Runner 2049, starring A-list actors Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling, who bring a futuristic approach to this unique cop story. If your company is a horror fanatic, take them to see The Snowman and Jigsaw, which both follow cases of sadistic serial killers. For those who are more engaged with history lessons, the studios fortunately developed Thank You for Your Service and Marshall to pertain to your taste in movies.

Here are movie being released in October:

The Mountain Between Us
Blade Runner 2049
Happy Death Day
The Snowman
Tyler Perry's Boo 2! A Madea Halloween
Thank You for Your Service
The Florida Project
The Killing of the Sacred Deer
All I See Is You
Only The Brave
My Little Pony
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
The Foreigner

Super Sweet Sweepstakes

If you’ve never won the lottery, don’t let that rain on your parade! We have exciting merchandise sweepstakes for you to win this month and unlike the lottery, you don’t even have to spend a dime to play! We are giving tons of chances to win big! Our exclusive prizes range from home decor to apparel to gift cards, but our personal favorite is VIP admission tickets to our hometown screening of Justice League - a big prize you definitely don’t want to miss!

Remember, the more entries you have in the drawing, the higher chance you have of winning our prizes. This strategy sounds trivial to mention, but it is easy to forget to come back claim your daily bonus. But trust us, go hard or go home because everyone else is! Not only is it satisfying to see your entry number go up, but you’ll also be one step closer to being selected as our sweepstakes winner.

If you become a winner, be sure to check your email and contact us back immediately. Winners are rerolled if we do not receive an email confirmation! We get extremely sad to see our merchandise prize sit in our safe vault for a few weeks before they are claimed ):

For this month, here is the list of prizes you can win this month:

Regal Premiere Movie Tickets 10 Pack
$50 Harkins Gift Card
Lord of the Rings: Original Theatrical Trilogy Blu Ray
Deadpool 4k Ultra HD- Blu-ray

#Gofobo #SquadGoals #ProTip

Want to give your friends the gift that keeps on giving? Share our website with your friends so that they can obtain their own free passes to movie events and screenings! As we say, the bigger, the better so bring a whole group of your friends to the same early screening as you. It’ll be like a theater takeover of all of your best mates.

The easiest way to teach your friends about Gofobo? is by using the hashtag #Gofobo to tag us in a post when you post a selfie at the screening or tagging your friends in our posts or sharing our website directly. You’ll be able to share our movie content and everything else that is great on Gofobo! By pointing your social media friends in the right direction, they will learn how to be like you (the cool kid on the block). Attending premieres and advanced screenings to movies before they are released! Now, that’s the pretty bougie.

With a plethora of spectacular movies and sweepstakes coming out this month, you and your friends will want to stay in touch with our latest Gofobo news. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to be in the know with everything movie related! We share our best tips on how to make full use of Gofobo, post up the latest movie posters and trailers and also drop the bomb on when our sweepstakes are live on our website! So much to learn, so little time. But don’t worry, we will keep posting to remind you on everything.