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Published 8-21-2017

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Squash That Summertime Sadness

Don’t let summer end so early because we’ve still got more movie screenings for you to watch. What is so exciting is that this month’s movie lineup will make you visit your local theater so often that you might as well start calling it your second home! Storming the Box Office is heart-pounding action movies like, KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE and FLATLINERS.

If those selections are not enough to get you thrilled, you’ll be sending goosebumps down your spine with the latest horror film of IT.. And for all the die-hard Jennifer Lawrence fans, her disturbing drama movie of MOTHER! will be in theaters on September 15, 2017. Or follow Tom Cruise on his CIA reconnaissance mission in AMERICAN MADE.

With this heft list of new movies, we can assure you that your evening fun can include everyone! You don’t have to leave your kids at home with the babysitter! Bring your whole family to enjoy popular Rated - G movies, such as THE LEGO NINJAGO MOVIE. Or take them to see the ballerina movie LEAP! to inspire young dreams.

Regardless of the type of audience you are, we promise - there is a movie out there for everyone!

American Assassin
Tulip Fever - in Canada
Good Time - in Canada
Logan Lucky - in Canada
The Hitman’s Bodyguard
Patti Cake$

Kingsman: The Golden Circle
The Lego Ninjago Movie
Home Again
Battle of the Sexes
American Made
Victoria and Abdul

Your Opinions Matter!

No one knows best like you do and that’s why your opinions are important to us! With our newest feature, Verified Fan Ratings, we have collected all of your reviews and placed them in a nice and special place (in our hearts and on our website) so that everyone can see! These would be great to share with your friends to help you decide what films to watch together. These are real fan ratings by people you can trust. We want to hear from you like we have heard from the thousands of people who have attended an ADVANCED SCREENING.

This month captured Verified Fan Ratings from ANNABELLE: CREATION, DETROIT, THE NUT JOB: NUTTY BY NATURE and much more! Sitting on polar ends of the movie spectrum, Annabelle interested lovers of horror films, while families went to enjoy their evening with The Nut Job. And if you are looking for action-packed comedy, keep an eye out for THE HITMAN’S BODYGUARD. Based on high recommendations from people just like you, these movies are great choices to see!

Want to see all the other recommendations? Check out our Verified Fan Ratings

But don’t forget to keep coming back as we continue to have more recommendations, more screenings, and more of the things you love!

If you are heading to the theaters this weekend, be sure to check out our Verified Fan Ratings to know before you go!

Gofobo Sweepstakes: The Next Best Thing to Winning the Lottery

Newly added to our current sweepstakes is the ZOOTOPIA Poster, where you can bring modern mammal metropolis to your room. This large poster shows a glimpse of the Zootopia setting. Another popular sweepstakes is the IT Movie Gift Card. So whether you like to bring a group of friends or just see the the nerve-racking horror movie IT by yourself with a large bucket of popcorn, this sweepstakes will make your movie experience even more sweet of a win. For those nearby Seattle, we have admission passes to GeekGirlCon! This unique event celebrates the geek culture, while emphasizing on girl power. So enter your name in our drawing if this sounds like your cup of tea!

While you are at it, keep an eye out for our current sweepstakes (link to sweeps):
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