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Published 3-08-2017

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The Movie Drought is Over at the Theaters

Get ready for a movie filled month leading up to the 89th Academy Awards. Gofobo is bringing you films like John Wick: Chapter 2 and The LEGO Batman Movie. It’s a movie month for the entire family, bringing you something that everyone can enjoy. February leads into the exciting month of March, with screenings of Logan, the hit movie of March, starting later this month. So what will you go see leading up to the Academy Awards?

Sadly, screenings of all the nominees are over, but you can still go see those in theaters. But on a better note, your list of films to go see in the coming months is just getting longer and longer. The stagnant, after New Year’s movie drought is over and we are about to get a drink of refreshing action packed and fun films. There’s even a thriller thrown in the mix this month with A Cure for Wellness which is sure to spook and frighten for those that are looking for an adrenaline rush at the theater.

You won’t want to miss the great screenings that Gofobo has to offer this month. The full list is as follows:

John Wick: Chapter Two
The LEGO Batman Movie
A United Kingdom
A Cure for Wellness
Fist Fight
The Great Wall
Everybody Loves Somebody
Rock Dog

Before I Fall
Table 19
Kong: Skull Island
Beauty and the Beast
Saban's Power Rangers
The Boss Baby
Ghost in the Shell
Step Sisters
The Zookeeper's Wife

That’s a long list of movies going into the month of March. Remember, some films that come out in March are screened in late February. Don’t miss your chance to see Logan or Kong: Skull Island early with free tickets from Gofobo.

Win Movies and More This Month

It’s another month of sweepstakes here at Gofobo. We are excited to bring you more giveaways that include movie theater gift cards and great prizes. This month we continue to offer gift cards to Fandango and Marcus Theaters. For these big sweepstakes, we won’t announce the winner until the end of March, so there is plenty of time for you to enter to win these awesome prizes.

As a reminder, we’d like to explain the entering process once again. To enter to win prizes, you just have to sign up with Gofobo. Then, you can gain more entries by liking our social media pages and checking out different parts of the Gofobo website. This would get you more entries to win one of the many awesome prizes we are offering this month.

We aren’t just giving away gift cards for the month of February. We are also offering copies of the Oscar nominated film Arrival, with five copies going to five lucky winners. The grand prize winner of that sweepstakes will also get a signed poster of the film. What a cool prize right?! But that’s not the only prize this month. There’s a chance to win a copy of the Complete Collection of Beavis and Butthead.

It’s definitely an exciting month to enter to win some awesome sweepstakes!

Watch the 89th Academy Awards with Gofobo

Are you excited for the upcoming 89th Academy Awards? So are we! We know that not everyone can curl up and watch the Oscars on Sunday when they air live on television, so we are going to bringing the show to you through our blog and social media platforms. We will be live updating you, our fans, who gets announced as the winners of the event. This way you won’t miss the excitement by being stuck at work as the biggest and greatest films of the year are recognized.

Coverage of the Academy Awards will only be the show this year for Gofobo, we won’t flood yours feeds with who is arriving on the red carpet and who is wearing what. You get that enough from other entertainment sites and truthfully, we all just really want to know the winners don’t we? We will cover the show for the entire evening, bringing you the latest winners on our Blog, Twitter and Instagram. The Oscars blog article will be available through our Twitter and Facebook pages. Why are we telling you twice? Both on social media and by updating the article? Because not all of you can get onto the article quickly, and what better way than to just pop on Instagram or Twitter quickly while on break to catch up on who is winning.

We have high hopes for some of the biggest films of 2016 from La, La Land to Hacksaw Ridge. Who do you want to see win at the Oscars? Don’t be afraid to post your opinions on our Facebook page in the comments under the blog, we want to know if you think that the movies that win were deserving of the Oscar, or if they stole it from your favorite film of the year.

So tune in on Oscar night for all the updates of the show.