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Published 10-25-2016

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Don’t Miss Trolls or Doctor Strange this Month

There are some big movies coming in the next month and you aren’t going to want to miss the screenings Gofobo is planning to offer for them. From Doctor Strange to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them there are so many screenings for you to enjoy this month for free! Of course there is a movie for every family member in the upcoming month to enjoy. Of course, you’ll notice a lot more popular films coming to Gofobo which will give you more options of films to go and see.

The list includes:

Doctor Strange
Hacksaw Ridge
The Edge of Seventeen
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Manchester by the Sea
Bleed for This
Bad Santa 2
Rules Don’t Apply

Of these movies, you’ll clearly see that some of the month’s biggest movies are on the list and it gives you a reason to get excited about seeing those Gofobo emails in your inbox! Keep an eye out on the website to see what screenings are in your area.

Win Gift Cards and More in this Months Sweepstakes

Get ready to win free stuff with Gofobo’s sweepstakes this month! There’s a lot of giveaways for you to enter this month and between now and the end of the year. Those giveaways include movie ticket giveaways and prizes as usual each month. The ticket sweepstakes are always changing, so we won’t list those here, but we will list the giveaways that we are giving you an opportunity to win this month. Those giveaways include movie theater gift cards! There’s nothing better than that!

The short list includes:

AMC Gift Card
Regal Gift Card
Tickets to Walt Disney Concert Hall
Carmike Cinemas Gift Card

Each of these is exciting in their own right. Three of them give you the chance to go and see movies for free, which is every movie lover’s dream. The tickets to Walt Disney Concert Hall are for The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, which will be screened with live music. This is a horror lovers dream in perfect time for Halloween which is just next week.

Don’t miss out on any of these sweepstakes and continually check back to see what tickets we are giving away in your area.

Gilmore Girls and The Jungle Book are hitting Netflix this Month and you Won’t Want to Miss it.

There are a few very special things coming to Netflix this month that we had to highlight in our newsletter. First, let’s take some time to appreciate the fact that the entire seven seasons of Gilmore Girls is on Netflix. Now let that sink in…now get ready for the exciting part. In just a month, the first part in a four-part series of the Gilmore Girls reunion hits Netflix. It’s officially time for the countdown to begin as Gilmore Girls fans rally around their favorite fandom and get ready to not only binge watch the original show, but make it a family event to watch this new four-part mini series.

But Gilmore Girls isn’t the only exciting thing hitting Netflix next month. With the Disney contract, there’s a very special Disney movie hitting Netflix at the end of the month: The Jungle Book. The acclaimed film that captured hearts around the world will be hitting the streaming service for anyone to view. With this in mind and the recent release of Captain America: Civil War, we can only wonder when that will hit Netflix too. Movies like these make Netflix worth paying for, because they are new and relevant. Yes, we won’t argue that Netflix is amazing because what’s better than sitting and watching Netflix all weekend? But sometimes it gets to a point where the movies on Netflix just are dated.

Well never fear, the time of dated movies is coming to an end it seems, with The Jungle Book hitting Netflix at the end of November and with the new Gilmore Girls coming to Netflix, there is more “new” coming for us couch potatoes to watch.