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Published 9-22-2016

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MOVIEQU – When Shazam meets Fandango

MOVIEQU is a hot new movie-trailer app that allows you to identify a trailer through SOUND while you watch in the theater OR at home. With the In-Theater Sounds listening technology you’ll be able to build your QU of movies. The app will remind you when your film hits theaters, to view show times, read reviews and even purchase tickets all from your ‘QU’.

If you’ve already downloaded the app and want to see it in action, MOVIEQU and 20th Century Fox have joined forces for the upcoming movie Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children! It opens Sept 30th, and if you watch the trailer, you can automatically add it to your QU by clicking the info icon on the top right hand corner and then clicking the MOVIEQU card!

MovieQu makes sure you never forget when your favorite film is being released!

Enter to win a free $75 movie gift card, download the app here and sign up using code GOFOBO1.

Try it, it’s fun!

It’s a Drama and Action Filled Month at the Movies

It’s back to the normal work grind. No more summer fun, but thankfully movies never go away. There is always something new that is about to hit theaters for you to escape to and enjoy. This month is no different, but it holds a little more drama than past months, with a more serious tone entering the theater, rather than comedy and fun action. For September, The Queen of Katwe and Deepwater Horizon are on their way to share a true story with you that might bring you to tears. Then comes October with The Birth of a Nation and The Accountant. Both are also a bit serious and slated to be amazing films.

But it’s not all serious at the box office in the next month, thankfully. Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life and Jack Reacher: Never Go Back are headed to theaters in October, bringing comedy and some fun action to the big screen. There’s also Rings, the long awaited sequel to the Ring series that horrified us when it was first released.

All these movies are a great chance for you to escape the real world drama and experience the not so real world drama at the movies. Here is a full list of the upcoming screenings we will be having:

• The Queen of Katwe
• Deepwater Horizon

• The Birth of a Nation
• Middle School: The Worst Year of My Life
The Accountant
• Jack Reacher: Never Go Back
• Keeping Up with the Joneses

Which movies do you want to see most in the next month? We know what we’re excited to see. Keep an eye on when tickets will be available for these screenings and watch your emails! You don’t want to miss this months screenings.

Don’t Miss Out on These Awesome Prizes!

Gofobo has a lot of awesome sweepstakes to offer you this month, but they will end before you know it! You won’t want to miss your chance to win one of the various prizes, including Pokémon Go coins, movie gift cards and a soundtrack from one of this summers hit movies! The sweepstakes are free to enter and now, Gofobo users are able to gain more than one entry. We revealed this new system last month, but to refresh your memory, we’ll share the info again.

To get more entries into that one prize you want the most, you can follow the directions that are given to you once you enter the sweepstakes initially. These entries are gained by liking our various social media accounts, posting to those accounts and a few other options you can use. It’s a fun way to get you to our social media pages to see what is going on, on a daily basis.

The sweepstakes this month include:

• Pokémon the Movie: Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel: Pokémon Go Coins
AMC Stubs Premier Membership
• Suicide Squad Soundtrack Digital Download
• Regal Entertainment Gift Card
MovieQu $75 Gift Card

These are just the sweepstakes we have up right now. They last until the end of the month, so you’ll want to go quickly to enter to win these prizes. But they aren’t the only prizes we’ll be offering. You’ll always want to check back to see what the newest sweepstakes are and what prizes you could possibly win! Also, we give away tickets to screenings as well, and who doesn’t love free movie tickets?

To keep in touch, follow us on one of our social media so you can always know the latest with Gofobo!