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Published 7-25-2016

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Villains and Dragons Soar onto the Big Screen at the End of Summer

We all know your excited to hear about Suicide Squad screenings in the next couple of weeks, but that’s not the only movie coming out at the end of July/beginning of August. There’s a whole slew of films you can get excited to see, from the horror film Lights Out to the animated flick Kubo and the Two Strings. It’s time for the summer to end and hopefully it will end with a bang when it comes to the films that are being released, just before kids go back to school and (most of us) put our swim suits away for the season.

To begin with July, the month is almost to an end, but as one of the most exciting months of the year (for movie fans) comic con comes next week, along with some of the biggest films of the year. With the release of Star Trek Beyond and Bad Moms coming up by the end of July, its no shock that you can’t decide what movie you want to see the most, or why not just try to see them all? The full list of July screenings is below:

Café Society
Ice Age: Collision Course
Lights Out
Star Trek Beyond
Bad Moms

But the fun screenings don’t stop there. August is fast upon us and we’ve already got our list of screenings that are coming for you to enjoy. With Suicide Squad and Pete’s Dragon two of the biggest films coming out this summer releasing in August, it’s no shock that all the excitement when it comes to movies is all about August. But the list contains more than just those two films, there’s definitely something for everyone in the final month before school starts for the kids and the college students out there. The list is below:

Nine Lives
Suicide Squad
Florence Foster Jenkins
Pete’s Dragon
Hell or High Water
Ben-Hur (2016)
Kubo and the Two Strings
War Dogs
Hands of Stones

What movie are you most excited to see? Make sure to follow Gofobo to see what new screenings are in your area and what films you want tickets to go see.

The Giveaways Don’t Stop Giving this Summer!

If you’ve been keeping an eye on Gofobo Local, then you’ll know we’ve been pushing a lot of different stuff in the past few months. From sweepstakes to screenings there is an abundance of information awaiting you on Gofobo Local, but let’s just say it: the screenings and sweepstakes are the best part. So sweepstakes we will bring you! There’s nothing better than a free movie or poster or merchandise (well other than free movie tickets). But Gofobo isn’t the only one hosting sweepstakes now, which you’ll notice when you scroll through Gofobo Local.

In a couple of different regions, you’ll find that some of the sweepstakes being posted to Gofobo Local, are actually being hosted by local theaters or one of the various companies we partner with. This is giving our fans the chance to win even more awesome movie prizes, while finding it all in one convenient place. For example, various theaters and Fandango are doing sweepstakes where if you purchase tickets to a specific movie, you are entered to win. There’s the Bad Moms sweepstakes by Fandango, where one grand prize winner will receive a $3,000 Mastercard Pre-paid gift card. That’s pretty awesome!

But the Gofobo sweepstakes that are going on are about to get exciting. With the current sweepstakes still consisting of a chance to win tickets to the R.O.C. Race in Washington, DC in August and the chance to win the film Everybody Wants Some on Blu-ray! For the Everybody Wants Some sweepstakes, there will be multiple winners, so it’s not just one person who gets the prize! Do you live in California or Houston? Are you a Star Wars fan? Then you’re in luck to win 2 tickets to watch the Star Wars marathon!

Each of these sweepstakes is exciting, but the prizes don’t end there. With Comic Con coming up this week, we’ll also be offering a Comic Con sweepstakes next week, with the prizes to be a surprise! You’ll have to check back to the website to see what goodies you could possibly win from Comic Con. Also, we’ll be giving away Blu-ray copies of Puerto Ricans in Paris. The giveaways are exciting this month and you won’t want to miss any of them!

Did You Miss Any of the Comic Con Action?

San Diego Comic Con International may be over, but we can’t be more excited about the entertainment event of the year. The exciting factor about this year is that Gofobo covered the event and brought it to everyone who is unable to attend. All you have to do is visit Gofobo on our various social media channels and our blog.

But what did Gofobo cover you ask? We have interviews and panel coverage, as well as the latest news from the event. We also conductedLive feeds on Facebook through the main floor of Comic Con, giving you a chance to experience all the booths that are up to offer exciting swag and goodies for fans that are at the event.

To see more on our blog, you want to follow this link, and it will grant you access to everything that we saw at the 2016 Comic Con. It was updated during Comic Con and all through the event. You can still take a look at anything you may have missed after the event as we cover and see what happened across all fours days of our coverage.