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Published 1-19-2016

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Get Ready for Exciting Screenings in the Next Month

From war to road trips, there is a multitude of films coming out in the next month to be excited for. With the rest of January still to come and then February bringing hit films, it sure is an exciting start to this new year. Films that are still to come in January include Dirty Grandpa, The Boy and Kung Fu Panda 3, a sure mix of films that is sure to entertain. With screenings for these films still available in some areas, check the screenings listings so you can go see one of them before it is released. The list of screenings in January includes:

The Boy
Dirty Grandpa
Kung Fu Panda 3

But then after January comes February, with a multitude of screenings that are sure to make you, our viewers, excited. With the month starting off with the release of films like Regression and How to Be Single, followed closely by the release of Zoolander 2, February is sure to be an exciting month of screenings. So far, the potential list is as follows for February screenings:

How to Be Single
Zoolander 2
The Witch
Eddie the Eagle
Triple 9

But make sure to check back on our website for the latest updates (such as an update of screenings to go see one very popular Merc with a Mouth) and for additional screenings to the films you want to see!


From tickets to a live show to free copies of films and shows, Gofobo is giving away multiple amazing prizes for you, our viewers, to enjoy! The great aspect about Gofobo’s merchandise prizes, is that in most cases there is more than one winner. That means more chances for you to win an amazing prize! Win a Blu-ray copy of Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse or tickets to 1984, the smash hit making it’s US debut in Santa Monica! A full list of prizes you could win are below:

DVD copy of Captive
DVD copy of Sleeping with Other People
Blu-ray copy of Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse
DVD copy of Broad City Season 2
2 tickets to see 1984 in Santa Monica at The Broad Stage

But the sweepstakes don’t end there! There are always sweepstakes open to win tickets to screenings in various areas around the country! What better way to see a movie, but for free and by winning the tickets? An easy and exciting reward that doesn’t take a lot of effort! And with exciting films about to come up in the next month makes the tickets you could win all the more exciting!

Make sure to check back on our sweepstakes page
so that you are able to see the most up to date sweepstakes that are being offered.

Academy Awards Nominees and Announce of Coverage

The 88th Oscars nominations are finally here and the build up to the Academy Awards which will air on February 28th at 7pm has begun. The excitement of the nominees, from your favorite movies to those performances that you just didn’t care for, and the ever present question of who will win? Who will walk away with the little gold statue that means so much in the film industry. From nominees like Leonardo DiCaprio for his performance in The Revenant to Inside Out being nominated for Best Animated Feature, there are many hopefuls out there waiting for the chance to win the ultimate prize of the year, to be named the best at the biggest night in Hollywood.

With the night being so exciting (in truth the entire afternoon is a fun event), Gofobo is happy to announce that we will be covering the event, from the fashions on the red carpet to the winners in the show, on Twitter and Instagram all afternoon. For all the exciting news of the day, and to put your two sense into the conversation on the winners, make sure to follow Gofobo’s Twitter and Instagram accounts and make a new, fun tradition for your Oscar Day!

Did your favorite film get nominated? Did your favorite performance in a film get nominated? Share your thoughts with us on our social media pages in the next month, and who you think should win in the categories! The Oscar fun is only beginning and Gofobo can’t wait to experience it all with you, our fans.

The nominees for Best Picture this year are:

• The Big Short
• Bridge of Spies
• Brooklyn
• Mad Max: Fury Road
• The Martian
• The Revenant
• Room
• Spotlight

To see a full list of the nominees (and print out an awesome checklist for Oscar Day tallying) head over to Oscars.com!