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Published 11-16-2015

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Gofobo’s Upcoming Screenings For This Holiday Season Can’t Get Here Fast Enough!

Not only are all of our favorite holidays coming up in the month of December, but some of the most anticipated movies of the year are finally here! From the original Joy starring Jennifer Lawrence and the anticipated remake Point Break, there are a lot of big movies coming to theaters this year!

Thankfully, Gofobo will be offering multiple screenings for some of the biggest films that are coming this season. From the week of Thanksgiving onward, there are some awesome screenings being offered to you. For the rest of November here are the screenings:

• Spotlight
My All American
• Legend
• Creed

Then there’s December, the month that usually marks the release of some of the top films of the year, the films that usually win the most awards and do the best at the award ceremonies in the upcoming year. The list of screenings in December is as follows:

• The Big Short
• In the Heart of the Sea
• Sisters
Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip
• Daddy’s Home
• Joy
Point Break
• The Revenant

Get ready for these exciting screenings and make sure to check back on the Gofobo website for more screenings and more films that could be added.

Use the Hashtag #GOFOBO When Attending Screenings

Have you wondered how to shared Gofobo with your friends? We have an easy solution for you, so that your friends can learn how you got those free tickets to that early screening for the film you’ve all been dying to see. By using the hashtag #Gofobo, you’ll be able to share with your friends everything that is Gofobo. By tagging us in a post, you’ll be able to point your social media friends in the right direction, so they can follow Gofobo and try getting tickets of their own.

It is a time of year for giving, with the holidays around the corner, so give the gift of Gofobo. By using #Gofobo in your posts, you’ll not only be giving back to Gofobo in the easiest way possible, but you’ll be giving to your friends. What better way to share your love of movies, than to give your friends the chance to get tickets to the same screenings you get emails about in your area? If you’ve appreciated everything that Gofobo has provided for it’s fans use #Gofobo, it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

There are lots of films getting ready to come out in the coming month, and you and your friends won’t want to miss the opportunity to get tickets to one of those screenings, so share Gofobo with everyone on your social media accounts by using #Gofobo. What better way to spend the holidays then enjoying free screenings of popular new films!

Gofobo Gives Thanks to It’s Audience and Followers This Holiday Season

Gofobo fans, we want nothing more than to THANK YOU!

You, our fans, have been amazing from the start and for that we thank you. Thank you for your support of the screenings we offer. Without you we wouldn’t be a company at all, because without your interest in film, who would see the screenings we offer. Thank you for your support of our social media, it has expanded and that is because of you, our faithful fans. And finally a big thank you to our budding blog, which is growing weekly and tailoring its content to please all of you, the audience in which it’s intended.

The future for Gofobo looks bright and that is because we have such faithful fans like you. That future includes updates to Gofobo, to make your experience with our site easy and fun! Not only are there updates for the main site, but the new blog and much more, that we’re hoping you will embrace as you’ve embraced everything else that is Gofobo.

With the exciting updates coming in the future, we hope you can help us out a little more, by continuing to be amazing and supportive of all we are at Gofobo. It is, after all, the season of giving, so what better way to celebrate that season by sharing your enjoyment of Gofobo with others.