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Published 10-21-2015

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Check Out What Gofobo is Giving Away This Month!

Are you ready to win new prizes from Gofobo?! Well, you’ll be excited about what sweepstakes are in store for you this month, and the longer sweepstakes that have just begun! From movie tickets to copies of DVD’s, there is no limit to what Gofobo is willing to raffle off to it’s fans!

Starting this month, the end of the year sweepstakes went into affect, which is our two big boys. These two sweepstakes are raffling off some pretty big prizes and you won’t want to miss them. One of them will be giving away a 3 month Moviepass Membership, while the other is giving away 3 DEALFLICKS gift cards worth $20 each! Those are some awesome prizes right?!

But that’s not all Gofobo is giving away this month! Gofobo has a variety of other sweepstakes that this month. So far, those include the following sweepstakes, which include prizes from films such as Dope and ROOM! Each sweepstakes has more than one winner, which raises your chances of winning one of the prizes! The current sweepstakes are as follows:

• DVD copies of Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (And Don’t Come Back)
• Blu-Ray copies of Tut
• Blu-Ray copies of Dope
• Signed Books & Signed Posters for the film ROOM

All of these sweepstakes are available to enter on our website, so hurry because some of them end soon! But don’t forget to look at our movie sweepstakes too! There are screenings in cities across the country and they tend to go fast, so hurry to enter to win those tickets!

Join Gofobo on its Popular Social Media Platforms for Up To Date Movie Fun!

Do you feel like you’re always finding out about the biggest movie news after everyone else? Like you’re falling behind in the times? Are you a lover of film and enjoy anything to do with it? Then start following Gofobo on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for your place that has everything to do with upcoming (and past) films! From movie news to fun movie facts, Gofobo has a little of everything for everyone who loves films as much as we do!

Not only does Gofobo use these platforms to promote screenings, sweepstakes and share our blog with you, but it’s also a place to see up to upcoming films trailers and a variety of movie news and just about everything about movies. By following our social media, it will give you the chance to find out about sweepstakes before other Gofobo users and it will give you the chance to chat with some of your fellow movies lovers about past and upcoming films!

As we continue to grow we want to be able to bring you the latest scoops in entertainment right to your fingertips and that’s where you come in! So follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Twitter or Instagram to get all the latest news about movies and sweepstakes (and especially those pesky screenings we all love!).

Are You Excited About Seeing Movies In November? We Sure Are!

With the holiday season fast approaching (even though most of us are just trying to enjoy Halloween), the big holiday movies are coming at us real fast! During the month of October, there have been a lot of scary movies hitting theaters for those thrill seekers to enjoy. There were screenings for Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension and Crimson Peak this past month, but there are still screenings available for fun films like Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse coming at the end of October.

And yet, what are we waiting for? We’re waiting for those big films to hit theaters around Thanksgiving and Christmas. The big hitters that we’ve been anticipating all year long. And that wait is getting smaller and smaller by the day! Gofobo will have screenings for movies like Love the Coopers, My All American, and The Peanuts Movie in the next month, which are all hitting theaters in November. They aren’t the only screenings Gofobo will be offering, so make sure to check our website every week (if not every day) for new screenings!

The full list for November is as follows:

• Love the Coopers
My All American
• Legend
• The Peanuts Movie

Are you getting excited for these films? They are almost here and you can almost see them in their entirety. But get even more excited by going to our website and checking if there is a screening in your area!