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Published 9-15-2015

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Gofobo Launches Its App And You Won’t Want To Miss It!

Gofobo users are you tired of missing screenings of the most anticipated movies? Well guess what, now you have a new chance to get tickets for exclusive screenings of upcoming films quicker and a lot easier. That is through the Gofobo App! A fully functioning app that can be found in both Google Play and in the Apple App Store, for you to purchase. The app is amazing and works at a fast pace, which will help users with getting screenings tickets.

The app gives user all the functionality of the website, so as soon as you get that code in your email, you can open the app and immediately input your code which will give you the chance to get tickets to that special screening that you want to see. With the new app giving you the ability to use your codes quickly, you no longer will have to wait to find a computer and input the code that way, which would mean that you wouldn’t be missing as many screenings as you have been.

So are you ready to see screenings with Gofobo? Then go download the Gofobo app today so you have immediate access to get tickets to the screenings you want to see!

Check Out What Movies Gofobo Is Screening This Month And The Giveaways Being Offered!

Gofobo is all about giveaways and free screenings to upcoming films that you’re dying to see, so what better way to get ready for the next month of screenings and sweepstakes then to get you ready by listing all our screenings and showings here. The next month is full of fun and thrills, when it comes to the movies that Gofobo is about to screen.

But first, what are we giving you? The sweepstakes that are coming from Gofobo are full of exciting goodies that you’re sure to love! The sweepstakes for September are as follows:

The D Train Poster & Blu-Ray Giveaway (Ends September 22)
Good Kill Poster & Blu-Ray Giveaway (Ends September 22)
I am Dale Earnhardt Blu-Ray Giveaway (Ends September 22)
$50 AMC Gift Card (September 30)
Regal Gift Card$50 (September 30)

Those gift cards have to be an exciting prospect, what better giveaway than one that gets you into more movies? But what movies is Gofobo offering screenings for in the month of September? Well that list is full of the exciting films that are about to come out in theaters.Those screenings include the following films:

Transporter Refueled
The Visit
The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials
Black Mass
Pawn Sacrifice

An exciting line up for the month of September, check our website www.gofobo.com for any last minute screenings that might pop up on our schedule. Don’t forget to subscribe for emailed updates and emailed invitations to screenings.

Are You Ready For Fall Shows?! We Sure Are!

Who isn’t ready for Fall? With cooler weather, the changing colors, going back to school and, oh wait, we can’t forget the most important part of Fall: all our favorites shows are coming back and it’s time to prime up the DVR. With a long list of fan favorites coming back this Fall, there are most certainly a lot of newbies making an entrance to join them. We can’t help but root for the newbie underdogs, who will be fighting through their first season to get the attention of the people, who will determine whether or not they become something more, or just another show that came and went on television.

From Netflix, to HBO and CineMax, to NBC and FX, there are shows aplenty coming this fall for you to get attached to, and here’s a short list of what is to come this fall:

Blindspot (NBC):
[Premieres: Monday Sept. 21 @ 10pm]
The exciting new drama stars Thor’s Jaimie Alexander, and it all begins when she is found in a bag in the middle of Times Square. To make matters worse, she has no memory of who she is and her body is covered in tattoo’s that lead to a larger conspiracy. Paired up with Strike Back’s Sullivan Stapleton as the FBI agent who follows the clues, the two are looking to make a good pair, but only time will tell if this show will survive.

Code Black (CBS):
[Premieres: Weds. Sept. 30 @ 10pm]
Another emergency room/hospital drama! Code Black, starring Marcia Gay Harden, is a medical drama about an emergency room in Los Angeles. This specific emergency room is overcrowded, understaffed and under-equipped for the load that is put upon it, but they seem to make it through every time (it’s a TV show, of course they have to make it through). Based on a documentary of the same name, this is one show to keep an eye on.

Heroes Reborn (NBC):
[Premieres: Thurs. Sept. 24 @ 8pm]
They are back! We are seeing a lot of reboots on the big screen, and it seems the reboot is finally reaching the little screen. The show will see familiar faces from the original series, including Masi Oka as Hiro Nakamura, but it is generally based after the end of the original series. After the terrorist attack in Odessa, Tx, those with extraordinary abilities were blamed and have gone into hiding. Are you rooting for the reboot?

Flesh and Bone (Starz):
[Premieres: Sunday Nov. 8 @ 9pm]
This eight-part drama series is set to focus on the demanding world of professional ballet. Starring Sarah Hay (Black Swan) along with Irina Dvorovenko, Sascha Radetsky, and Raychel Diane Weiner, the series it set to be dark and gritty, revealing the world beneath the stage and behind the curtain that

The list could definitely keep going, with Scream Queens coming to Fox, Supergirl coming to CBS, The Muppets returning to ABC and two film adaptations, Limitless (CBS) and Minority Report (Fox), bringing excitement to nighttime television this Fall!

Along with the new shows, a lot of your favorites are returning to the lineup for this Fall. Thos include Once Upon a Time, 2 Broke Girls, Big Bang Theory, American Horror Story, Arrow, Flash and HBO’s The Leftovers. The amount of good shows to watch on television is insane, and there almost isn’t enough time to watch all of them...almost. (Thank the TV gods for DVR).

But that’s just what’s on television, that doesn’t include the great lineup coming from Netflix originals. With the success of Daredevil and Orange is the New Black, Netflix is pumping out television shows left and right, bringing a different quality of entertainment to your living room. Fall is an in between time for Netflix, right between their third and fourth quarter. With the third season of Hemlock Grove hitting everyone’s favorite streaming service on October 23rd (just in time for Halloween).

This fall is sure to be a fun and exciting ride when it comes to the shows that you’re able to enjoy. But which will you choose? That’s the ever difficult question. Good luck!