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Published 6-16-2015

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The Gofobo Newsletter is Here!

Welcome to the Gofobo Newsletter!

Gofobo is happy to introduce this newsletter, a way for us to keep you, our subscribers, in the loop of everything that is going on here at Gofobo. The newsletter will be a place for you to find your dose of everything Gofobo. Each monthly issue will be used to keep you up to date with information regarding upcoming events, screenings, sweepstakes and more.

Here at Gofobo, it is our goal to provide you with a high level of entertainment, from events to advanced screenings. Every day we come into the office, ready to find the next big opportunity to fill your days and evenings with a little bit (okay, maybe a lot) of fun. The fun comes in many forms, from events like The WIPEOUTRUN, to advanced screenings of blockbuster films, such as Jurassic World. Gofobo is also spreading its reach to film festivals across the nation, so keep an eye out for an exciting film festival in your area.

If you do not already know what Gofobo does, let us explain. Gofobo makes it super easy to attend screenings and events. Signing up for an account on Gofobo allows you to be automatically notified of screenings in your area. Some films that recently ran advanced screenings on Gofobo include: Spy, Selma, Home, Kingsman: The Secret Service, and Ex Machina. We are also excited to bring you opportunities to get a sneak peek at new television shows, such as Empire and American Odyssey.

As you can see, there is a wild variety of films and programs happening on Gofobo. Everything from action-adventure and drama to family films and independent releases, we screen them all!

And then there’s sweepstakes - because who doesn’t like free stuff? We offer the sweepstakes through our social media sites and our website. They not only include free swag from various screenings or events events on Gofobo, but we have also given away gift cards, movie gear, signed posters - even exclusive trips. One lucky couple just won an all-inclusive trip to the Ex Machina set in Norway!

Gofobo makes receiving tickets to events and/or film screenings and entering our sweepstakes pretty easy. From our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages to the actual website, there are ample ways to enter our sweepstakes. To get information about screenings in your area please view our Find Screenings Page. The screenings being offered are there, while the Events are under that tab at the top of the page.

If you have not created an account with Gofobo, and find all this information to be interesting (let’s face it, free movies=awesome) then go and make an account with us, so you can begin getting codes to early screenings and early announcements for different events/sweepstakes that Gofobo is hosting. We invite you to take advantage of all we have to offer!

Face the Big Balls in the WIPEOUTRUN

It began in 2008. Twenty-four competitors faced off with “the world’s largest and most extraordinary obstacle course” trying to win $50,000. It was sure to be a hit - if by ‘hit’ you mean getting hit in the face by a projectile - yes, Wipeout was most definitely a hit. It was a show about laughing at contestants who splashed, crashed, and tumbled (it may have been more funny for the viewer). The show was so popular, with so many individuals wanting to compete for the entertainment of it (though we know they really just wanted a chance to conquer the Big Balls) and the grand prize, that the producers decided to do something ingenious: create the WIPEOUTRUN.

If you have ever wanted to defeat one of the many obstacles showcased on Wipeout, yelling your victory cry after not being hit, then this 5k run is for you. With 23 runs in the United States and Canada, there are plenty of chances for you to face the Foam of Fury, the Big Balls, or the Wrecking Balls. WIPEOUTRUN hosts 12 fun obstacles for its contestants to conquer as they make their way to the finish line.

When it comes to those obstacles, WIPEOUTRUN does not disappoint. We have already mentioned a few of the terrifying obstacles, but the run also includes the Smash Wall and the Sweeper, famous for knocking down participants and making them land on their face. Each of the 12 obstacles is set up across a 5k course (that is just over 3 miles for those that do not know), ending with an obstacle called Happy Endings.

Full of laughter-inducing challenges, this run is great for any thrill seeker. With runs coming up in DC (June 20), Twin Cities (June 27), Seattle (July 18), and the Chicago (July 25) areas there are plenty of chances for you to compete in WIPEOUTRUN. Make sure to check out their website www.wipeoutrun.com to see if your city or a city near you is host to a WIPEOUTRUN.

Future Screenings and Sweepstakes by Gofobo

With films like Jurassic World and Terminator: Genisys about to hit theaters, there’s probably a handful you are looking forward to seeing. Thankfully, you have Gofobo. Make sure to check back often to see what screenings we have added in your area. And be sure to snag your pass as soon as you see it available because it might not be there when you check back later! Here’s a sneak peek at some films that are going to be offered for early screenings by Gofobo in the month of June:

  • Jurassic World

  • Magic Mike XXL (Canada Only)

  • Ted 2

  • Max (Canada Only)

  • Dope

Gofobo is also more than just screenings. We know you love movies and entertainment and we are working to bring you awesome prize packages for hit movies. From DVDs and Blu-Rays to collectables, we’ve got exclusive prizes - but you can only get them by entering. Here is some of the prize packages we have right now that could be yours: