SAUDI FILM DAYS will feature these five selections:

Wasati: All was bleak in a village in the Arabian Peninsula that had experience difficult situations afer poverty and invasion took all that was good in the village. That is until the fateful day “Happy Bus” arrived and completely changed the course of the adventure. The Happy Bus brought together rival tribes and enemies and became the source of the villagers’ happiness.

The Bliss of Being No One:The unexpected encounter of a young man who lost his family with a one-eyed old man.

I Cant Kiss Myself: Living in his world full of crowd cheers and applause, a "star" meets someone who makes him question these cheers and how truly unfeigned fame is in our time.

A Photographic Memory: An experimental look at Saudi Arabia's major historic events through the eyes of a photographer until his encounter with a present day Saudi Arabia.

Sumyati:A story about Sumyati, the maid whose a juggling act between surviving her messy daily job and the closed minded & racist employers. Layan, who’s the youngest, is telling Sumyati’s story from her perspective starting with an innocent question: Is Sumyati going to hell?

Release Date: November 04, 2016

Rated: Not Yet Rated



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