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Our Promise to Real Movie Ratings by Real Fans

Verified Movie Ratings introduces an authenticated solution to prevent fake user reviews for future movies by delivering real ratings from real screening audiences.

Fake news and unreliable content on the internet has hindered public opinion. Under new mainstream culture of internet, phony reviews are fabricated by trolls who enjoy hiding behind their anonymity on the internet, endangering many readers to become unkowingly susceptible to false and unverified information.

Gofobo's Verified Movie Ratings provides a trustworthy source about movies before they're released. Helping you and your friends make informed decisions about upcoming movies.

What is Verified Movie Rating?

A Verified Movie Rating is an audience rating (or user review) about an upcoming movie that has been authenticated by Gofobo and our affiliates. With our patented technology, we are able to verify and confirm that an audience member has seen the actual movie during an advance movie screening.

How are you different than other websites?

Unlike other movie websites, we verify users that have actually attended a movie screening (or event) by scannning their tickets with our patented technology before collecting their feedback and experience.

1. Get Passes

2. Attend Movie Screening

3. Verify Attendees
Collect Online Feedback

4. Feature Verified
Movie Rating
on Gofobo.com

Why don't I see all movies that are being released?

Unfortunately, not all movies are screened before their upcoming release. While we try our utmost best to provide as many screenings as possible, there are also certain cases where not all movies are available for our screening audience.

Want to see if a particular movie has an advanced screening? Check out here.

How do I know these people are real?

For over a decade, Gofobo has been the leading provider in advance movies screenings to fans across the country and the world. We've provided hundreds and thousands of screenings and millions of tickets. With our proprietary technology, our movie attendants validate each screening member in our audience before each screening event. A member must be confirmed before providing feedback. You can rest assure that our Verified Movie Ratings are from real people at real movie screenings.

Why does your site sometimes have very different user reviews than other movie sites?

We live in a world of snarky and fake news. However, Gofobo is not a movie star in super-hero movie. Gofobo's Verified Movie Ratings provide transparency with what fans really think about the movie after they've seen it from an advance screening. While select movies may have a discrepancy on our website compared to other movie websites, the feedback provided by members are genuine and never misguidedly written. Meaning, that if a particular movie has a more positive feedback, it is because screening audiences truly enjoyed the film. With the power of our patented technology, we are able to strain out the fake news, and provide you with real fan reviews.

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