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Published 2-25-2019

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Kicking and Screenings!

March is kicking it off with box office movies we’ve ALL been waiting for!

Before there was CAPTAIN MARVEL, there was Carol Danvers - a regular girl just living life in the 90s. But, everything changed after she became one of the most powerful heroes in the universe. It’s all in Captain Marvel’s hands to save Earth from being caught up in a galactic war between two alien races.

If action movies aren’t your deal, then the cutest family movie is premiering as well! WONDER PARK follows the story of June, a wildly, creative young girl, whose daydreams come to reality. Her imagination of a magnificent amusement park comes alive, but she learns that dreams are not always what they seem to be.

Movie screenings in March:

Tyler Perry's A Madea Family Funeral
Captain Marvel
Gloria Bell
The Kid
Five Feet Apart
Captive State
The Hummingbird Project
The Mustang
Hotel Mumbai

1 Word, 6 Letters - Say It and You’re Suddenly at the Premiere!

One simple click for you gives you the power to enter into our sweepstakes!

And one simple word turns Billy Batson, the 14 year old orphan, into a godlike, adult superhero.
So, don’t miss out on these great prizes for the SHAZAM Sweepstakes! The grand prize winner gets 2 tickets to see the Hollywood Premiere of SHAZAM, 2 roundtrip airline tickets, and a night hotel stay in Los Angeles, CA. Not only will the lucky winner get to enjoy sunny LA, but they’ll do it in style! Plus, runner-up winners will receive a prize pack. BUT wait, there’s more! We’re also adding in 4 additional Fandango codes to see the film in theaters!

Why enter in only one sweepstakes when you can enter in so many more? It’s simple statistics, and we think you’ll love these other sweepstakes too!

Enter in these sweepstakes:

Girls Night In
Team Marvel
Toy Story

Our Favorite Marvel Superheroes Without Superpower

Not all heroes wear capes and not all superheroes have superpowers! Here are our 5 favorite Marvel characters that rely on pure combat skills to protect the world:

Black Widow:
Her skill set is a combination of her Olympic-level training and her psychological conditioning as part of the Soviet “Red Room”. She has the agility of a world-class ballerina and the lethality of any assassin on the planet. Black widow’s way around a sniper rifle equates to the skills of expert marksman such as Hawkeye or Bullseye.

Captain America:
I know what you might be thinking: Isn’t Cap’s body enhanced by the super-soldier serum? Yes, however, it’s been stated numerous times, both in the comics and by the creators, that Captain America is at the theoretical peak of human physical ability. The serum took a frail young man with Polio and made him a perfect soldier, but it didn’t actually make him “super”.

It’s said that Clint Barton, the greatest archer in the Marvel Universe, never misses. The villain, Trickshot, cultivated Hawkeye’s skills while he was just a boy. He is also an expert acrobat and fencer after training with Swordsman and Captain America.

The Punisher:
Initially a Marine, he received training with the Navy SEALS and the Australian S.A.S after Vietnam. He became a black ops soldier of the highest caliber and received training in spy craft, demolitions, assassinations, and martial arts. Since becoming The Punisher, he has mastered the art of infiltration and the use of non-military weapons.

Iron man:
Iron Man. Enough said. Tony Stark, former weapons developer, built a technological suit while in captivity and later continued to develop and release more and more powerful versions. The Marvel Comics version has developed well over 50 suits, each containing a wide variety of repulsor blasts, rocket boots, force fields, and even roller skates at one point.