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Midnight Screams

Embroiled in an argument on their drive home, Derek and Jess slam into a living nightmare. What they hit isn’t dead ... and very angry.

Director: Sean Menendez

Writer: Sean Menendez

How to Dance With Monsters

The domestic trauma within a cycle of abuse a woman faces over her life has taken the form of a horrifying monster that she must confront to face her own reality.

Director: Megan Baer

Writer: Megan Baer

Box Cutter

Esther contemplates leaving her job at the grocery store, but the grocery store has other plans.

Director: Ryan Akler-Bishop

Writer: Ryan Akler-Bishop


Rosie, an assured businesswoman who needs professional photos of herself, hires an eccentric photographer who secretly plans to use her for a demented art project.

Director: Zach Goodwin

Writer: Zach Goodwin

Vigilante Grammy

A maniacal grandmother discovers her family's plan to put her away in a home.

Director: Max Albert

Writer: Kevin Armento, Taylor Jackson, Eric Lee


A woman cleans out her dead grandmother's home and unleashes the dormant spirit of a masked killer.

Director: Sarah Goras Peterson

Writer: Sarah Goras Peterson


Most people feared the darkness. Some people feared, more wisely, the things within the darkness. As the sun sets, and the streets darken, a vampire descends into the night in search of his next prey.

Director: Pelan Le

Writer: Pelan Le

The Infiltration

A professional cult infiltrator is hired to penetrate a mysterious group and extract his client's mind-controlled daughter. He quickly discovers that the undercover job is much more dark and dangerous than he originally bargained for...

Director: Flynn Falcone

Writer: Flynn Falcone

The Muse

An artist encounters his muse in the surreal realm of his imagination.

Director: Juliana Lee White

Writer: Juliana Lee White

Blue Zenith

Gregory undergoes a daring metamorphosis.

Director: Jacques Manjarrez, Nathan Kim

Writer: Jacques Manjarrez, Nathan Kim


A family run funeral business seems normal on the outside. The longer the Grave family is around, the more questions arise. Fighting the natural clock of death and a nosy investigator; what is the grave secret they are hiding?

Director: Cole J. Durham

Writer: Cole J. Durham, Xavier Galloway

Dark Ages

Chet, a washed up fake knight, loses everything after being fired from his job at a Medieval themed restaurant. In a booze fueled depression, Chet wanders into a house from hell and faces the fight of his life against an undead warrior. A battle ensues and Chet learns that it’s never too late to be your own hero.

Director: Natasha Pascetta

Writer: Natasha Pascetta